Warri Bible Translation from English

Warri Bible translation from English

A Quick look at Warri Bible

Sample version:

ENGLISH: As it is written in the Bible.

WARRI: As dem yan am for Bible.

ENGLISH: Jesus entered the boat with his disciples.

WARRI: Bros J cum enta canoe wit him padi dem.

ENGLISH: As the boat was sailing, there was a great storm.

WARRI: As the canoe dey move, naim yawa cum gas.

ENGLISH: The storm was so great that it was like a whirlwind.

WARRI: As the yawa dey gas naim kasala burst join.

ENGLISH: The disciples became so afraid that they shouted; Master! Master!!

WARRI: Naim liver fail him padi dem, na im dey begin dey hala... Bros eh! Bros eh!!

ENGLISH: Jesus got up and calmed the wind down.

WARRI: Na so Bros J get up com arrange the mata.

ENGLISH: He turned to his disciples and said, "oh ye with little faith."

WARRI: Naim Bros J com look him padi dem shake him head, com provoke say; “O BOI UNA FALL MY HAND"

ENGLISH: The disciples replied and said _WHAT MANNER OF MAN IS THIS?_

WARRI: Him padi dem com hala “SHOOO...Bros J, which levels naa? U be winsh?" ...


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